Scanning The Stars: Mars Moves Into Aries

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Scanning the Stars:

Mars Moves Into Aries

From the Astrology Advisors at Keen, Your Personal Advisor

Mars moves into Aries where it will stay until March 31st. Under the influence of Mars in Aries, you may find yourself to be fearless. You could rush in where no one else will go, as much from the need to be first as from a particular devotion to a cause. You could be very impatient and in a hurry. You’ll like going at a high rate of speed and will probably love the thrill of risky adventures.

During this time, adrenaline will be your drug of choice. It’s not rocket science to figure out that sooner or later, you could crash into something, whether that’s figurative, literal, or both. For your own sake, wear protective gear — especially a helmet — when appropriate.

During this period, your head will be particularly vulnerable. Exercise…

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* STOP and Find Balance

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When you live from your middle ground, life is in balance. There is no fear, no anxiety or depression. You are in the present moment and content.

Knowing that this place is available to us is reassuring … but our minds have “minds of their own” and still prefer to go into their own tailspin of thoughts about the past or worry about the future.

How do we recognize when our emotions start to sabotage us or our overactive thinking takes over?

By regularly checking in with ourselves.

meditating woman

We may do it as a formal practice such as yoga or meditation, but a really helpful informal daily practice is to do mindful check-ins with yourself.

I use an app called Chakra Chime on my iPhone. It goes off at 8am every morning and 6pm at night. Its a signal for me to STOP and check in with myself.

STOP stands…

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The Oscars are this weekend so here are the best films of 2014 you can watch right now on Netflix

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The Oscars do not matter.

Or rather, they only matter to the artists and producers whose films receive a measure of exposure thanks to the nominations. Because let’s be frank: The Oscars and other yearly awards orgies are the only reason you watched and pretended to like Birdman, an incredibly impressive exercise in stunt-filmmaking that is otherwise utterly uncaptivating in its storytelling and character development. To the audience, it’s the cinematic equivalent of watching somebody take a very difficult Algebra exam.

Though there is one reason for non-insiders to relish Oscar season: It grants film enthusiasts the opportunity to draw attention to the year’s truly great films, most of which are ignored by the geriatric cadre of industry types known as the Academy. So thanks to the popularity of our lists of the best films of the decade on Netflix and the best romantic movies on Netflix, here are the best movies of 2014 you…

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I Helped an Addict on the Journey Back to Regaining Her Life.

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meth womanYears ago I was a store manager and needed a cashier. I’d received a call from some woman about a cashier job, so I told her to come in.

Her resume was poor, but I needed a cashier.

In walked this short, large woman who looked, quite frankly, disgusting. She filled out the application form and asked for another sheet of paper to fill out the Felony and Misdemeanor section. Oh boy.

  • Her clothes were ratty and too small
  • Her shoes looked about 3 sizes too big
  • She looked like she had just climbed out of a dumpster

I was about ready to just tell her to leave when she explained her story…

She said that she had been addicted to methamphetamine and cocaine for a few years and was in a halfway-house getting her life back in order.

She seemed really sharp and her situation explained her appearance. So I…

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