organic gardening

A great way to plant an organic garden,

Organic gardening is a great form of gardening that if done correctly can produce very healthy and high quality foods. Others have found that organic gardening is the way to go. Through its natural methods of producing crops, those who have their own gardens are safe from harsh chemicals. Not to mention that the gardening is a great way to give back to the environment and wildlife. By learning the tricks of the trade, you could successfully start an organic garden in your window, front, or backyard. Here are a few tips for starting off right.

pick a place

determine where you’re going to grow your organic garden. If you’re a novice gardener all around, starting with a smaller area is best to determine how well you will do. When choosing an area for gardening, remember to select an area that receives lots of sunlight and also to select an area that is easy for you to maintain. While larger areas produce more crops, if you’re not aware of how to maintain it all, you are wasting more money than saving.

Make Your Compost

Since soil conditions can vary from horrible to great, adding composts ensures that the soil is healthy enough for your crops to flourish. Therefore, the next order of business will be to create compost for your garden. There are lots of different materials that you can use that will enrich your soil. Creating compost does not have to mean spending a lot of money as many materials can be found right in your backyard.


Again, the only way your crops will grow is if you have the necessary soil to nurture it. Now is the time to combine your compost with your soil. The more compost added, the better your soil is for the garden. High quality soil enhances the growth of your crops as it nourishes the plants, and allows the roots to penetrate to get water and air as it is needed.

Choose Your Crops

Next on the agenda for starting an organic garden is adding seeds. You will need to determine which types of seeds you start off with. As you are planting the seeds make sure that you leave enough space for the plants to grow.

Make it Your Own

After doing all the hard work, now you can have a little fun by adding character to your organic garden. Putting in some bird feeders, and other garden knick knacks can add style and appeal to your garden.

The only other thing to do is to maintain the garden. One highly important detail includes removing the weeds in order to enhance growth results. Make sure that the garden is receiving enough water and that you check on the routine bases for any insects or other pest that could hinder the growth process. In due time with patience, tender, love, and care you should be able to see some crops growing before the next season hits.




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