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organic gardening or just gardening. Which is better?

When considering the idea of cutting the cost of food each month, many turn to the idea of growing their own foods and herbs in their home.In an effort to obtain a healthier more affordable lifestyle, more and more households are utilizing their skills and abilities to get ahead. However, not many people understand that there are different types of gardening styles. Organic gardening for instance is said to be much more beneficial for your health.

What’s the Difference?

So what’s the difference between just gardening and organic gardening? The simplistic answer would be that those who garden organically do not utilize synthetic materials such as fertilizers or pesticides when growing their plants. To take it a step further, many organic gardeners consider it a different “mindset”. They consider their entire gardening system to be a system that works with nature. They work hard to utilize nature and the materials it supplies for growing food. Through continually replenishing resources and minimizing harmful chemicals, organic gardening is said to be a lot healthier for the average person to consume.

Organic Gardening Encompasses All Nature

As stated before organic gardening means using and considering all things in nature. This essentially means that you are not only concerned with the crops, but you’re also concerned with surrounding nature. Organic gardeners consider how their crops will affect the animals, the soil, the environment, as well as their health. They believe in working together with nature as an effort to preserve the Earth.

No Harsh Chemicals

Probably the biggest thing to understand about organic gardening is that there will be no using of harsh chemicals as a means to remedy pest control. Herbicides, fungicides, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides are all additives that will not be used. So when weeds or pest become a problem you will need to resort to natural remedies as a means to get rid of them.

Soil Is Important

Another thing that stands out about organic gardening is the soil. Organic gardeners view the soil as the “home” for life to begin forming. This means that you will have to pay special attention to your soil at all times. Both the physical and chemical properties are important. The small lifeforms such as fungi and microbes help in releasing nutrients into the soil that are needed to grow lush crops.

As a gardener, your job is to maintain the health, diversity, and abundance of nutrients that are being released into the soil. When selecting composts, manures, and rock powders, you’re going to need to pay close attention to ensure that you’re getting quality ingredients that will nurture the soil and thus produce a lavish organic garden.

As you can see there is a lot more thought and effort that must go into an organic garden verse a typical garden. It requires a lot more hands on activity and the ability to not take “short cuts” by using chemically based resources to grow your crops. This type of gardening does take time and effort and thus starting small could help you determine whether this is something you could do long term.


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