Day 22: Kindness in strangers …

Squeezing Joy

Williams QuoteWhen I was little my mom and I would travel around our small city on the city bus.  I would watch her as she navigated our way chatting with one person about a good restaurant, another about a new Dentist in the area.  I was mesmerized by the way she knew who to talk to, and who not to talk to. Somehow, without her knowing, she taught me. 

Even as a young teen I knew how to say hello to the bus driver who picked me up after school.  I knew how to go to my Orthodontist appointments on my own, and make a new appointment for the next month for more mouth torture.  She taught me to get to know the tellers at the bank, the grocer who packed the groceries – bread on top please! It’s a skill I had started to wonder if was going to go…

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