The Ride

i believe that if even one out of ten people on this earth tried to do this once a year violence prejudice and maybe even hate would very possibly be eradicated

th5KE4W5EI It was after work in the parking lot. Chuck’s car wouldn’t start. Everyone else started their cars a drove away. Within minutes the parking lot was near empty. Chuck started a five mile walk home.

It was a dismal fall day and there were intermittent dashes of rain spitting from the sky. Chuck had only a thin jacket and a pair of new shoes. Two cars passed him, workmates; guys he had worked with for years. “Union brothers,” he mumbled bitterly.

A car stopped. One of the young employees, Del. Nobody talked to Del. He didn’t belong to the union. His type was dangerous to Chuck; employees must unite, act as one, and demonstrate solidarity. If you don’t belong to the union you are an enemy of the union, Chuck thought.

“Can I give you a ride?” Del said.

“Nah,” Chuck said. “That’s okay. I’m fine.”

“It looks to me…

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