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The story of WebP: How Google wants to speed up the web, one image at a time

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Tired of slow web pages? So is Google, (S GOOG) and the company thinks it has the key to speed up the web: smaller image files. Google’s WebP image format aims to replace existing image file formats like JPEG with a smaller file size, resulting in faster load times and significant bandwidth savings for website operators. But will the company be able to convince everyone to switch, or are we about to see even more media format fragmentation?

WebP offers around a third better image compression than JPEG, which can add up to a lot of bandwidth savings and speed improvements, depending on how image-heavy a page is. YouTube was able to cut down page load times by up to 10 percent when it recently started rolling out  WebP video thumbnails. Google has also saved several several terabytes of bandwidth every day since switching images in the Chrome Web Store…

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