Editor’s note:Ashwin Ramasamy is the founder of ContractIQ, a free service for enterprises and entrepreneurs to find curated outsourcing partners for their mobile initiatives.

Hari, a smart and very savvy early-stage entrepreneur, emailed me to ask if it was worth joining a well-known accelerator. I texted an emphatic “No!” We then spoke to each other for over 30 minutes and I don’t recall having made such an impassioned argument. I almost felt like it was my duty to save an entrepreneur.
Accelerators emerged to help (mostly) first-time entrepreneurs learn “Starting Up 101” under the watchful eyes of mentors who’ve been there before. It was about doing a few things right, up front, so that your startup survives and thrives till a tipping point.
That tipping point, in the opening words of Y Combinator, reads like this:
In 2005, Y Combinator developed a new model of startup funding….The startups move to Silicon…

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